CSI: Slots

Crime scene backgrounds and reel assets for the mobile title CSI: Slots

Dave dind warehouse with items

Final Warehouse scene (a few assets on the ground were taken from another Gameloft title)

Dave dind bg cs warehouse

Initial Warehouse scene (heavy on 2D paintover)

Dave dind alleyway bg

Alleyway scene connected to Radio DJ Scene

Dave dind djstudio bg

Radio DJ crime scene

Dave dind bg cs decksapartment

Apartment Scene

Dave dind construction office

Initial Construction Office scene

Dave dind bg cs construction office

Final Construction Office scene without 2D paintover

Dave dind bg cs heartchurch

Unused Church scene

Dave dind bg cs motel

Motel Room scene (not final scene in game. Final was modified by another artist)

Dave dind writers office

First background to test 3D workflow feasibility

Dave dind all items

Various reel icons

Dave dind mafia bonus

Mafia bonus game background and tappable gun parts